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The Diversity & Inclusion SaaS Platform

to Improve Workplace Culture, Workforce Engagement & Business Performance.

Launching 2022

KATAPULT uses big data to calculate your unique KATAPULT Score, then produces your customized Business Impact Report, Improvement Plan and Implementation Roadmap. The process includes access to over 2,000 solutions that when activated, increases your KATAPULT Score and business impact.
Resources include: talent pipeline partners, board diversity databases, professional services diversity, diversity and innovation insight and much more.


Until now, diversity & inclusion efforts have lacked a standardized, objective, and comprehensive business process that’s embraced and understood across an organization. As a result, success is subjective, the many facets of diversity and inclusion are going unnoticed, unmeasured and big data that can connect to business goals isn’t being used.





As businesses and the world have evolved, so has the diversity & inclusion industry. Finally, a business platform that provides a formal process, online, in order for practitioners and consultants to increase effectiveness offline.

“You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

You can’t measure what you don’t see.”


A cloud-based 4-step process that includes an Evaluator, Katapult Score™, Impact & Improvement Plan, and D&I Resource Marketplace that when activated provides a clear roadmap for improvement and further impact.


The KATAPULT Methodology™ gives you the tools and transparency to drive impact across the organization, standardizes and operationalizes diversity & inclusion and aligns it with business goals.
The KATAPULT platform enables collaboration and value creation among HR, diversity & inclusion and business development executives.


  • KPIs which allow the HR manager and diversity leader to collaborate online including a suggested budget and timeline tied to organizational impact.

  • An easy to read and navigate real-time dashboard with reports, case studies, thought leadership and industry insight.

  • A proprietary tool kit with standardized templates.

  • Census and related demographic data API feeds to support workforce planning.

Launching in 2022





  1. Big data to improve the 7 diversity & inclusion drivers that impact business growth.

  2. Next practices from business sectors including tech, banking, healthcare and more.

  3. Insight to attract, retain and advance a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

  4. Enhancements to human capital management strategies + activations.

  5. A roadmap to align with business goals.






Andrea is an author, advisor, dealmaker, strategist, speaker, and the founder and CEO of boutique management consulting firm Culture Shift Labs (CSL). CSL advises companies, cities and philanthropists on growth and innovation through diversity and inclusion (D&I). Hoffman consults with C-suite executives across a wide range of industries on finding new growth opportunities. By helping clients see past long-held perceptions regarding the intersection of innovation, inclusion and diversity, she guides them to insights that unlock new business opportunities.

As a top-tier confidential advisor, strategist and dealmaker for the past two decades, she has leveraged proprietary methodologies to solve diversity issues and expand revenue for clients.

Andrea is on the D&I advisory board of Singularity University, a Silicon Valley think tank focusing on scientific progress and "exponential" technologies. She also leverages her knowledge and network as a Senior Fellow of Social Innovation at Babson College, a perennially top-ranked entrepreneurship business program.

Andrea is the co-author of Black is the New Green and 50 BILLION Dollar Boss: African American Women Sharing Stories of Success in Entrepreneurship and Leadership (nominated for a 2015 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work).

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(launching 2022)


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Be part of the Diversity & Inclusion 21st Century Revolution. Assess, measure and improve the business of diversity and inclusion.


Call us at 973-846-0155, or fill out the contact form below for the opportunity to join us as a beta tester and receive a free 30-minute consultation. 


KATAPULT. Improve what you are measuring.

Thanks for submitting your request to join our beta test community, launching 2022! As we get closer to our launch date, we'll be in touch with details on what's next.

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